Equipment for a Safe Cleanroom

Laminar Flow Module

A clean environment during production, processing and storage ensures process reliability and product quality. The Laminar Flow Module from clean-tek is the right solution for this.

We manufacture our Laminar Flow modules in any size and adapt to your requirements.


Weighing booth

clean-tek weighing cabins are ideal for weighing and sampling. They offer excellent protective properties when handling active ingredients manually.

Our weighing cabins consist of several proven clean-tek components. The weighing cabins are individually adapted to customer requirements and manufactured accordingly.


Transfer hatches

The clean-tek material pass-throughs serve the effective and space-saving transfer of materials between clean rooms of different classes.

Benefit from our many years of experience in clean room construction with this product as well.


Decontamination shower

The decontamination shower is a combination of several clean-tek products, such as wall, ceiling and door systems. The shower can be executed in different variants. On the one hand for wetting the clothing, on the other hand as a complete shower.


Media column

With the media column, media can be made available everywhere at low cost. For this purpose, a column is placed in the room, where otherwise no source of media - e.g. through walls or false floors - is available.


Wall protection

The walls in corridors and production rooms are subject to constant stress. Our wall protection products preserve the appearance of the interior walls for years and thus reduce maintenance costs.