Cleanroom Wall Systems

clean-tek offers you various cleanroom wall systems. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between monoblock elements or elements in shell construction made of coated sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel and, of course, glass wall systems.

All cleanroom wall systems are absolutely flush and can be easily replaced if the room layout changes or new machines are added.

For clean-tek, flush surface means: no protruding or recessed components on which particles can deposit. We distinguish ourselves through a patented stand system, which offers you the possibility to make media available almost anywhere in the room. clean-tek offers you maximum flexibility.


GMP Cleanroom Wall System

The GMP cleanroom walls are made up of finished monoblock elements. Patented strip grid rails guarantee flush and airtight seals. Cut-outs are possible at any point of the wall. In addition, the system also makes it possible to compensate for construction tolerances. Our precisely fitting walls enable independent room planning.

GMP Wall System

GMP Reinraumwandsystem

Laboratory Cleanroom Wall System

The wall system is constructed in shell construction. Floor and ceiling connection profiles guarantee flush and airtight closures. Cut-outs are also possible at any point in this wall system. This compensates for construction tolerances and also enables independent planning for the clean room.

Laborwand Reinraumwandsystem

Glass Wall System

Glass is an ideal building material for the life science industry. The glass used is resistant to almost all chemicals. It cannot scratch or dent and adhering dirt can be easily removed.

In our experience, glass breakage is very rare, not least because employees are more careful with glass than with an apparently massive wall. Glass walls create transparency. Among other things, glass walls prevent the insulation of employees in small, enclosed rooms and increase safety because the workstations are easier to see.

Glass Wall System

Glaswand Reinraumwandsystem