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    clean-tek is one of the pioneers in cleanroom technology and hospital technology for sensitive areas such as drug production, medical technology, biotechnology and microelectronics.

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Welcome to the specialist for clean room technology

clean-tek Reinraumtechnik is an experienced company for sophisticated cleanroom solutions. With our project management and the production facility in Renningen near Stuttgart, we are active nationally and internationally in the fields of clean room technology and hospital technology. Our cleanroom systems are used in such sensitive areas as medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical production and, of course, semiconductor technology. clean-tek cleanroom systems have been characterized for decades by a proven and safe design. All cleanroom modules can be quickly assembled and combined with standard components. Clean rooms or clean room cabins are also available as special solutions.

Cleanroom systems according to GMP & FDA with architectural requirements

As an experienced cleanroom manufacturer, our thoughts and actions go beyond the design and construction of state-of-the-art cleanroom systems. Already during the clean room planning we consider all conditions and requirements on site. Our goal is not only to offer our clean rooms or clean room cabins as technically and regulatorisch optimal solution, but - where possible and meaningful - with clean-tek elements interesting interior architectural concepts to realize. That is why we equip your clean room or your clean room cabin with functional and aesthetically pleasing ceiling, wall and door systems. All clean rooms and clean room cabins can be equipped with various functions and meet the requirements of GMP & FDA.

The ideal clean room - also for hospital technology

clean-tek cleanroom systems are also used in hospital technology. Our cleanroom systems range from TAV systems with low-turbulence displacement flow, particle-tight filter sealing technology to metal ceilings and cleanroom walls. We also offer laminar flow modules, for example, which can also be adapted to any size.


FOYA (Facility of the Year Awards) Winner 2020 in the Equipment Innovation category.

clean-tek supplies the clean rooms for the awarded pharmaceutical research building of Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel.

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