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GMP-compliant Weighing booths

for the protection of persons, products and the environment.

Our weighing cabin mainly consists of a combination of proven clean-tek components and complies with the high requirements of the EC GMP guidelines. In many cases it has been able to establish itself firmly as a proven system in well-known pharmaceutical companies. Due to our own production of all essential clean room components, we are able to offer maximum flexibility and modularity. Each weighing cabin is planned and manufactured specifically for your application according to your individual requirements.

Weighing booth
  • Product and personal protection
  • Complies with FDA, GMP, DIN EN ISO and WHO requirements
  • Offers highest purity requirements
  • Long-established product, continuously optimised
  • Achieves class A according to GMP guidelines
  • Flexible workplace design
  • Future-proof investment thanks to a 10-year subsequent delivery guarantee for all conversion and supplementary components
  • Easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants
  • Generates negative pressure in the weighing area
  • Integrated lighting
  • Individual design according to customer specifications


  • The weighing cabin essentially consists of a clean-tek wall system with integrated control terminal for controlling and monitoring the laminar air flow.
  • The supply air is introduced vertically over the entire surface of the cabin ceiling. Fan modules push the air through HEPA filters into the weighing area.
  • CG distributors (laminarisers) are installed to avoid draughts and to achieve optimum air distribution. These consist of very fine-meshed polyester or stainless steel mesh.
  • The lighting system provides sufficient and glare-free working lighting.
  • By using front and end demarcation systems, a slight negative pressure can be created inside the weighing area, which prevents contamination to the outside. Various systems can be installed and combined with each other to delimit the working area at the front and front side. Strip curtains, wall systems or full glass walls are possible.
  • DEHS ports for aerosol application and raw gas concentration measurement are integrated for function monitoring.
  • Filter monitoring is via differential pressure gauges for main and final filters.
  • If required, dry coolers can be integrated to dissipate heat loads.
  • Various media can be integrated into the wall system, such as sockets and network connections.

  • Boundary made of glass walls
  • EX-protection version
  • Installation of data and power sockets
  • Extraction arms
  • Low-contamination filter change
  • Air cooler

As we always plan and realise our weighing cabins individually, please contact us.

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