Systems and Solutions for the Cleanroom

The well thought-out cleanroom

clean-tek system elements can be installed easily and rapidly. The system elements are suitable for any design or size of clean room installations.

As a result of interaction between wall systems and ceiling systems, in combination with materials like stainless steel, aluminium or glass, we generate well thought-through solutions, designs and a reliable investment for the future.

Cleanroom Technology


Hospital technology for optimum hygiene

Hygiene in the operating theater is a matter of life or death. clean-tek has decades of experience in the construction of production plant for the pharmaceutical industry. The clean-tek operating theater clean air ceiling is a logical development of this wealth of experience from the sterile manufacturing sector.

Proven, safe and reliable design principles are the quality basis for the development of clean-tek hospital operating theatre diffusur. The filters are fluid sealed. This guarantees reliable sealing of the operating theater clean air ceiling. Bacteria cannot penetrate the protected area and patient protection is guaranteed.

Hospital Technology


Equipment for the clean room

Systems are offered by everybody. We offer you an extensive system and equip your clean room.

The range covers plain clean room equipment like expendable itims and furniture or Laminar Flow Modules. "Good is not good enough" - this is how we could describe our way of thinking. Therefore all our products are constantly improved according to your wishes.