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Cleanroom Technology with Experience

High-quality clean room technology reduces the number of particles introduced into or produced in the clean room to the technically possible minimum. Using and coordinating the various cleanroom components, a high standard of quality and safety is guaranteed. Clean room technology includes various construction elements such as ceilings, walls, doors, sluices, etc.

For several decades clean-tek Reinraumtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is active in the field of clean room technology. Our high-quality products are based on proven and safe designs and meet high requirements. A modular design ensures flexible combination possibilities - even with standard components - and rapid assembly. Clean rooms from clean-tek set standards. This applies to cleanroom planning as well as to functionality, quality and aesthetics. Our goal is to create not only technically optimal but also architecturally appealing solutions with our clean rooms.

Our engineers and technicians are constantly working on new and individual product solutions for you. This includes all requirements that are required to meet the purity class. Our modules from the ceiling, wall and door systems are therefore constantly checked to see whether they harmonise with the other components, such as those of the ventilation system.

Of course, topics such as production processes in the clean room as well as energy efficiency in the clean room are taken into account in order to offer an ideal solution.


Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

clean-tek offers you several different cleanroom ceiling systems that meet the requirements of GMP & FDA equipped with different functions.

The clean-tek product portfolio includes all products necessary to equip the high-quality __cleanroom ceilings.


Cleanroom Wall Systems

Due to your requirements, our cleanroom wall systems have developed in many variations. The right wall for every requirement! All systems can be combined with each other, are flush and thus always meet the requirements of GMP & FDA.


Cleanroom Door Systems

To open the door to your requirements, we supply you with tailor-made cleanroom solutions. All clean-tek cleanroom door systems can be adapted to your requirements, i.e. each system can be extended for the sluice function, as access control or as a highly frequented door with automatic drive and much more.


Cleanroom Lighting Systems

clean-tek offers you bright solutions that are specially adapted to our Cleanroom Ceiling Systems.

We also offer luminaires specially designed for the Laminar Flow range.


Airlock Control

clean-tek offers you reliable and easy-to-use control systems for your cleanroom. And despite a simple system structure - we also solve special requirements!