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Cleanroom technology from own production

Effective cleanroom systems for solutions tailored to your needs

For more than 37 years, clean-tek has been a leading manufacturer of modern and efficient cleanroom systems that are used worldwide.

In 1986, clean-tek dedicated itself wholeheartedly to cleanroom technology and even then played a major role in shaping the development of effective cleanroom systems.

To this day, the company has concentrated fully on a single core competence: The planning, project management and realisation of efficient cleanroom systems.

Even at a young age, the company developed its first own cleanroom systems and today manufactures the essential components of a cleanroom itself. Based on this long experience in cleanroom technology, clean-tek can today offer a large portfolio of components as well as several ceiling, wall and door systems.

Always with the goal: to develop the best possible solution for our customers.

Our claim:

We implement efficient, economical and safe cleanroom systems always with the aim of offering a best-practice solution according to individual requirements. We maintain long-term partnerships with our customers, which are characterised by trust and fairness and have proven themselves many times over. Maintaining these partnerships requires constant development and progress.

We at clean-tek will do everything to remain a solid and trustworthy business partner in the future.

Our core competences:

  • Design and implementation planning
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Delivery and assembly of in-house developed and manufactured cleanroom components
  • Further development and continuous improvement of our products
  • Service and Maintenance

Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

As a system supplier, we offer you several cleanroom ceilings, all of which are characterised by their flexibility and maximum modularity and meet the requirements of GMP, FDA and DIN EN ISO. Thanks to our own production, we can offer suitable cleanroom ceilings for almost any application.

  • The clean-ceil clamping cassette ceiling is a rational and effective solution for single-shell, non-walk-in and absolutely flush grid ceilings and is suitable for a wide variety of cleanroom concepts and installations of all sizes.
  • The ceil-tek ribbon grid ceiling has become firmly established as a tried and tested system, particularly in the GMP areas of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The T-Grid cross-ribbon grid ceiling is a highly flexible ceiling system which can also be designed as a partial or fully accessible ceiling with the appropriate suspension.
cleanroom ceiling system

Cleanroom Wall Systems

As a system supplier, we offer 3 self-developed cleanroom wall systems, all of which are characterised by their compatibility with each other and maximum flexibility. Due to our own production and the flexibility of our cleanroom technology, we can guarantee almost unlimited variability.

  • The Bi-Wall wall system is manufactured in a shell construction and is preferably used as a partition wall with a high flush-mounted installation density.
  • The GMP wall system complies with the high requirements of the EC GMP guidelines as well as DIN EN ISO 14644 and is available in widths of 50 mm and 100 mm.
  • The full glass wall creates transparency and a special working atmosphere. They prevent the isolation of employees in small, closed rooms and increase safety and order, as workplaces can be better overlooked. Of course, the full glass wall can be flexibly combined with all other clean-tek cleanroom walls.
cleanroom wall system

Cleanroom Door Systems

We manufacture turning and sliding doors as well as gas-tight doors that are adapted to the requirements of the respective production process. When selecting the appropriate door system, we not only take into account the available space or the calculated, frequented use, but we also always look for the most economical solution for our customers.
For particularly critical areas, clean-tek offers a tested, gas-tight door system to ensure maximum protection.

cleanroom doors systems

Cleanroom Lighting Systems

clean-tek manufactures 3 cleanroom luminaires developed in-house, which are adapted to the requirements of the respective ceiling system. All our cleanroom luminaires meet the special requirements of cleanroom technology in terms of illuminance, tightness of the luminaires and cleanability. Equipped with professional LED technology and designed as recessed luminaires, they are compatible with all clean-tek ceiling systems and fulfil the highest hygienic design principles. After consultation, clean-tek cleanroom luminaires can also be integrated into ceilings from other manufacturers.

Cleanroom lighting system

Gate Control Unit

Gate-Control-Unit (GCU) - a control system for mutual door interlocking.
Thanks to our many years of experience with various interlock control concepts, we have been able to combine the advantages of different control concepts in our new Gate Control Units (GCU). This gives you a high degree of flexibility even for extensive room projects.

Gate Control Unit

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