• Decontamination shower

Decontamination shower

Wet and mist shower for personal and environmental protection

The decontamination shower combines the synergy effect of our cleanroom components and prevents contamination carry-over when handling active and hazardous substances. It is suitable for safely removing people from special risk areas. As a wet shower, the user is immersed in water through special nozzles so that airborne particles or particles adhering to the protective suit are bound with water. This effective cleaning of personnel ensures a controlled exit from the risk area.

clean-tek-Decontamination shower

The clean-tek decontamination shower is especially suitable for handling:

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Chemicals and
  • Explosive substances

such as those found in the

  • pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratory areas
  • Bio Safetey Labs (BSL)
  • EX areas

  • Reliably protects staff and the environment from contamination from risk areas.
  • Proven clean-tek system. The decontamination shower consists of a variety of proven clean-tek products which are optimally matched to each other.
  • No interface problems. As a system supplier we also offer the containment in addition to the decontamination shower.
  • Any type of floor connection can be implemented. Whether epoxy, pharmaceutical terrazzo, tile cove or PVC flooring in the surrounding cleanroom: any connection can be served.
  • All parameters are freely adjustable. (Flushing times, locking times etc.)
  • Individual design. We always adapt our decontamination shower specifically to your requirements.

  • The programme sequence is precisely defined in a functional description according to the application-specific requirements.
  • This has a significant influence on the control system and all assemblies.
  • Basically, the focus is on personnel decontamination. However, cabin cleaning, foot sole cleaning, emergency shower function, hand shower etc. may also be useful or even necessary for the process.
  • The cleaning cycle or the entire process is set.
  • If the decontamination shower is integrated into an airlock area, the door interlocks are combined into a functioning airlock control concept.

  • Foot sole cleaning
  • Bag-out port
  • Breathing air port
  • Monitoring device
  • Airlock integration
  • 3 doors

As we always plan and realise our decontamination shower individually, please contact us.

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